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DFYIT stands for Drug Free Youth In Touch. It’s a club for middle and high school kids to learn about drugs. If you like being on the cutting edge where you can defy the social norms in a positive way, come join DFYIT.

“DFYIT teaches about drugs and how they can mess up your life. It gives you tips on how to say “no” in a fun way.”
Sudlow Intermediate

“It’s a drug free group that teaches us not to use drugs.”
Sudlow Intermediate

DFYIT. provides youth the opportunity to explore their leadership skills and to be a guide to younger peers.

“DFYIT is a club for middle and high school kids to learn about drugs”
Bettendorf Middle

“DFYIT is a club that teaches you about drugs. It’s really fun. You get to do things for charities and you get to have fun with your friends or make new ones.”
Bettendorf Middle

If you want to meet a lot of cool people, make new friends, have some fun, and learn how to say no to drugs and mean it, be a part of DFYIT and become a drug free youth that is in touch.

“DFYIT is a place to go every Monday morning to be with a bunch of drug free kids to talk about drugs and how we can stay away from them.”
Bettendorf Middle

DFYIT Pride. There is no substitute for it. Come join the best in your community. Be a leader!

“DFYIT helps you to not do drugs.”
Sudlow Intermediate

2016 Drug Facts Week (Please see Monthly Calendar for more information)

·         February 26th Annual Winter Event - The Rivers Edge

To find more about DFYIT call 563-326-4116.

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