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    Recovery is supported by friends and allies.



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Emergency Department visits involving pharmaceuticals increased 98.4% between 2004 - 2009.

2009 - 23.5 million persons age 12+ neeed treatment for substance abuse problem; of these only 11.2% of those who needed treatment received it at a specialty facility.

A total of 21.3% of Quad Cities adults are binge drinkers.

Alumni Testimonials

I didn't get it the first, second, or even third time. Nobody ever turned their backs on me, but just patiently pulled me along their sides, until I learned that we all walk alongside one another through this journey.


I now understand what it is meant, by "to keep it, you have to give it away". Through my time at CADS, I was fortunate to have others give their sobriety wisdom to me, & now I can give back to others.


I am sober & have my life back because of the support I received from CADS.


Supporter Testimonials

I appreciate being able to be involved with CADS Alumni Events as it gives my family opportunities to engage in community activities free from alcohol and drugs.

-Alumni Association Supporter

CADS Alumni Association raises awareness & promotes action to reduce unhealthy substance use that contributes to costly social, physical, mental, & public health problems.

-Alumni Association Supporter

CADS Alumni Association reduces stigmas against substance users & allows families to deal with what can be "the elephant in the room".

-Alumni Association Supporter

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CADS offers a variety of substance abuse services focused on support, care, and treatment designed to meet the needs of families and individuals of all age groups in the community.
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