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Experience An Interactive, Informative And Exciting Opportunity To Help You Escape The Vape.

March 1, 2020

If you’ve read the news lately, it’s probably no surprise to you that vaping has become quite common among teens. However, making the decision to quit vaping can be easier than you think when you prepare in advance, surround yourself with those who support your decision, and have resources on your side.

One of the newest trends we’re seeing are escape rooms. Escape rooms are games in which a team of players work together to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to progress towards a goal in a limited amount of time. Often, the goal is to escape from the site of the game, but in our case, you’ll be working towards escaping the vape. It’s like you’re in a real-life video game!

At the Center for Alcohol and Drug Services, Inc. (CADS), we’ve created exactly this as part of our prevention program. When you enter our escape room, you’ll experience an interactive, informative and exciting opportunity to help you escape the vape.

The best part about escape rooms is that they work great for team building activities between colleagues, students, family members and anyone in between, and at CADS, there’s no cost.

As you work your way through our escape room, you’ll learn about the dangers of vaping, while still experiencing the heart-thumping, problem-solving, time-racing thrill of the escape.

So now that you know all about what an escape room is, let’s discuss the dangers that many young people do not realize are associated with vaping. According to The Real Cost, “Research shows that you’re more likely to start smoking cigarettes if you vape. Exposing your brain to nicotine as a teen makes it more likely that you’ll start-and continue-using tobacco products.”

Experts believe even if you avoid smoking, vaping can also cause cancer. “Vapes that contain nicotine can expose a user to similar amounts of nicotine as conventional cigarettes,” according to The Real Cost.

Sadness, depression and anxiety have all also been found to be correlated with vaping. And, “Even if you rarely felt sadness before quitting vaping, you may feel increased sadness, irritability or sluggishness after quitting,” says The Real Cost. 

When working towards escaping the vape, your first day without vaping can be tough. However, working with those you trust to create a plan for how you will react to vaping triggers makes it much easier to quit. And if you use other nicotine products, try to stop those as well by pledging to become 100% nicotine free.

When you’re on the road to recovery, staying busy, asking for help, rewarding each milestone, and knowing what challenges to expect can all help in the process of recovering from addiction.

Our escape room is a helpful resource to help you work through recovery and aids in prevention. If you’re up for the challenge, you can schedule your appointment by calling (563) 326-4116 and press four for Prevention.

For more information on prevention, education, treatment of addictions, substance abuse, and other disorders related to the harmful use of drugs and alcohol, click here to contact CADS. We help treat the addict, the abuser, and their family and friends.

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