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New Year, Same Stigmas

February 1, 2021

The stigma of addiction is still prevalent today and does not discriminate in who it effects. Stigma can prevent struggling individuals from seeking help, the stigma fosters from private shame and public misunderstanding.

Addiction is a disease that can be overcome, with evidence that treatment is effective and long-term recovery is possible. By talking about it, we can break down the stigma and stereotypes surrounding addiction.

Stigma can take place anywhere with anyone. There is stigma with friends, family, healthcare professionals, and even employers. Stigma is rooted in policies and practices beyond just face-to-face judgement.

According to research from Recovery Brands, more than 76% of people believe that addiction is fully or partially a choice, neither is true. Several factors, including genetic vulnerability and environmental influences, can cause addiction.


Ways to Stop Addiction Stigma:


The most important: SPEAK UP

Sharing experiences, strengths and hopes

Education on addiction, treatment and recovery


Getting help for addiction is a brave thing to do and those seeking help or treatment should not face judgement in their path to recovery. You can help end addiction stigma by speaking up and supporting those around you.

For more information on prevention, education, treatment of addictions, substance abuse and other disorders related to the harmful use of drugs and alcohol, contact us. We help treat the addict, the abuser and their family and friends.

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