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Loving Your Spouse Means Helping Them, Too. We Can Help You Help Them.

July 28, 2018

Marriage is a commitment to another person. You must love, support and encourage your spouse. According to the American Addiction Center, in over 12 million marriages in the United States, one spouse struggles with addiction. Whether it is an alcohol, gambling or drug problem, there are many warning signs to watch out for to find out if your spouse is struggling with addiction.

Knowing the Signs

You know your spouse better than anyone else. Noticing slight changes in mood and behavior is an easy way to alert you that your loved one may be struggling with an addiction.

Distance – Many spouses say that when addiction takes control, their significant other starts to leave the house more and talks less.

Disturbed Sleeping Pattern – If your spouse once slept through the night, but now has issues sleeping well, that could mean some substance is keeping him or her awake.

Strange Eating Schedule – Eating bigger or smaller portions, or not eating at all, is a sign of a disturbance that could be linked to drug use.

Hygiene – Personal care is one of the first daily routines to suffer if addiction is present.

Paraphernalia – You may find rolling papers in your spouse’s car, lighters hidden around the house, or empty bottles in your trash can. These are all signs of drug and alcohol abuse.


These are just a few of the every day changes to look for in your spouse, more can be found here.

At CADS, we want to help keep families living within the Quad Cities community healthy and happy. If you or your spouse is struggling with addiction, call us at (563) 326-1150 - we are ready to work with you!

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