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Gratitude is Infectious.

November 9, 2018

The holidays can be especially tough for those overcoming addiction or recovery. Generally, holidays are about people coming together, enjoying one another’s company. Being able to show someone your gratitude, whether you are the one struggling or assisting someone struggling, it can make all the difference in their holiday experience. Here are a few ways to spread your gratitude this holiday season.

  • Thank You – Just simply expressing the words ‘thank you’ can show someone how much you really care. Show you really do appreciate what the person has done for you and verbally let them know what it means to you.
  • Handwritten Note – Expressing gratitude can be difficult for some face to face. Write someone a handwritten note instead. Highlight what you are grateful for and why it matters to you. It adds a personal touch being handwritten and shows you put effort into it.
  • Inspiration Gift – Add more to your handwritten note by including a personal gift. Something like a new planner or notebook to inspire them. You could even handmake a gift to really personalize it. 

Gratitude is infectious and is directly linked to greater happiness. Being able to share positivity with those who are struggling can help their holiday cheer. Boost you or your loved one’s positive thinking this holiday with some of these tips.

  • Savor Good Moments – Holidays are for enjoying each other’s company. Help them enjoy everyone being together. Try to ignore the past for a minute and live in the present. Savor those little moments and you will be rewarded with happiness.
  • Family Photos/Videos – Pulling out old photographs or videos can be an enjoyable experience. Seeing one another years ago and how far you have come. It’s good to be able to come together and share those kinds of moments.
  • Board Games – Playing a board game as a family can really boast one’s positivity. Being able to cheer each other on and having fun together develops gratitude towards one another. Teaming up with others leads to fun competition which can strengthen a bond between family.

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