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The First Steps That You Can Take To Be Proactive

January 1, 2020

Winter, for most of us, we’d love to avoid it by flying far away to somewhere tropical until the harsh temperatures of winter retreat. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of jetting off to paradise until spring. Sure, the snowflakes and twinkling lights are pretty at the beginning of the holiday season, but once that all fades away and we’re wrapped into the dark long days of winter it can make some feel particularly down.

It’s not uncommon to feel sad, irritated or less energetic at this time of the year. Many people battle Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  SAD is a condition that changes one’s mood with the ups and downs that come with the changing of seasons. For those battling addiction, SAD can become even more serious.

If you know someone who is showing signs of withdrawal or you notice someone becoming dependent on substance abuse during the winter months, CADS can help by providing you with the first steps that you can take to be proactive. 

Below are some tips that anyone can use to raise one’s spirits during the winter months.

Focus on the positive

It’s sometimes too easy to see the negative in situations around us, instead try focusing on the positive. A good way to do this is by writing a list, each morning, of the positive things in your life that you’re grateful for. Focus on the positive. 

Keep active

On days when the temperature is below zero and it’s dark and gloomy outside, it can seem impossible to pull yourself out of bed. However, it’s important to try to stay active, even on these days. Whether that means doing a few stretches, yoga, or an indoor workout video, all of these can help to get you moving. But staying active isn’t limited to working out, staying active also includes keeping up on your work and social obligations. Remember not to shut yourself off from the outside world. Prioritize your responsibilities and try your best to keep active.    

Talk about it

Try opening up and talking about how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling sad, showing signs of relapse, or unmotivated, reach out to a sponsor or a friend to be your person to confide in. Most likely, they’ll be able to relate to you and have probably felt similar feelings to what you’re feeling now. Go ahead, talk about it. 

Treat yourself

Do what makes you happy. If you’re a movie buff, buy yourself a movie ticket to see that new movie you’ve been dying to see or try something as simple as a in home spa day with a face mask and a bubble bath. Whatever it is that makes you feel happy. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

For more information on prevention, education, treatment of addictions, substance abuse, and other disorders related to the harmful use of drugs and alcohol, click here to contact CADS. We help treat the addict, the abuser, and their family and friends.

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