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Good Reads On Recovery

May 16, 2019

If you are beginning your journey towards recovery, you may be finding yourself unsure of where to start. Is it to change your daily routine? Is it to change your diet? Maybe it is. Of course, recovery is different for everyone, but we still want to help give you that extra push to begin this new chapter in your life.

This is what we challenge you to do. Set aside some time out of your weekly schedule for a little quiet time with a good book. Not only is some alone time good for your mental health, but it is a perfect time to find out how you are going to start your life towards recovery. From hearing about other people’s struggles with an addiction to learning about how to recover from your own, here are some readings to get you started off on the right foot. 

The Great Work of Your Life

In this book, Stephen Cope discusses how the root of addiction may be that you aren’t aware of your true self. Through examples in history, he explains how your disconnect with your true self may be the cause of your addiction. In his story, Cope expresses how people like Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony too faced times of struggle in their lives, but once they discovered their true purpose in life, they were able to go on and achieve great things. The Great Work of Your Life is a great read to remind yourself that you’re not in this alone in this journey and that it is never too late to have a fulfilling life.


For the women who have struggled with addiction and are wanting to begin your path towards recovery, Drink is the book for you. In this reading, Ann Dowsett Johnston tells us her own battle with alcohol addiction and brings to light the rapidly growing rates of alcoholism among women. Johnston also includes some of her own research and interviews that she conducted that led to the startling discovery of alcohol abuse among women and girls. For a touching story on one woman’s struggles with alcohol addiction that will leave you inspired, grab your copy of Drink today.

Living Sober                                                                                                            

In Living Sober, an anonymous author discusses that in order to live out a successful path towards recovery you need to stay sober. Including answers to questions like, “What do I say and do at a drinking party?”, this book gives you the resources to be able to stay sober in any situation that life throws at you.  Not to get confused, this book does not lay out steps towards recovery but instead presents you with habits and tips to live a clean life.

The Center for Alcohol & Drug Services, Inc. wants you and your loved ones to have a successful journey towards recovery. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please give us a call at (563) 326-1150. Our lines are available 24 hours a day. We are here for you.

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