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No excuses, no waiting until January 1st, just steps toward progress.

November 1, 2019

It’s November, which means we’re nearing the end of the year, but don’t worry, there’s still time to crush your goals before the year’s end. No excuses, no waiting until January 1st, just steps toward progress.

Now, we know what you’re probably thinking, “it’s already November, there’s no way I can reach my goals by New Years,” but that’s not true! All goals don’t have to take months or years, there are steps you can take toward those and in the meantime, there are plenty of other manageable goals that are more than obtainable!  

So, now that you’re feeling a bit more motivated, let’s talk about 20 goals you can accomplish before 2020 is here!

Create a budget

If you don’t already have one, creating a budget for yourself helps tremendously when it comes to your financial planning. One of the best ways to get ahead in 2020 is to start planning. Make a list of your weekly expenses, set some savings aside, and be realistic.

Update your calendar

Those upcoming events you have, like a relative’s birthday or work event, add them to your calendar, even if it is months in advance! Life happens, and things can slip your mind, but having your events planned out in advance makes the difference between you remembering or forgetting an important date!

Drink more water

We’ve all heard it before, “drink more water”, but how many of us actually listen to that rule? Try incorporating more water into your daily diet, each day. Pro tip: Bring a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go, so that you can fill up on the go!    


There are tons of local organizations that could use an extra hand this holiday season, try reaching out to one of them to see how you can help within your community.

Clean a messy room

There’s no better feeling than a clean room. Take part of a day to tackle that messy room you’ve been avoiding; you’ll be grateful you did! 

Start journaling

Journaling doesn’t have to be hard, write down your daily thoughts, good things that happened in your day, etc. Who knows, you may even find that journaling will become one of your favorite pastimes. 

Donate old clothes

Those old clothes that you haven’t worn in years or just don’t like anymore, try donating them to a local clothing shelter. Someone in your community will be thankful for your donation.

Walk more steps

Next time you go to the store, try parking further out to increase your steps. Make a habit of parking further away or walking around the office to get those extra steps in throughout your day.

Reduce your stress

If you’re feeling stressed out, remember that it’s okay to take a moment to yourself.  Schedule time in your week for “me” time. Use this time to read your favorite book or take a hot bubble bath, whatever it is that relaxes you.

Shop local

Next time you go shopping, instead of heading to a big retailer, check out the local shops within your community. Chances are you’ll find something that’s unique and original! When you shop local, you help support your friends and neighbors.   

Do more of what you enjoy

Life’s meant to be enjoyed, so get out and do more of what you enjoy doing! Whether it’s going to your favorite concert or going to a sports game, choose something that brings you joy.

Start recycling

Make a pledge to start recycling. There are local recycling centers throughout your community that are free to recycle at! Just drop off your recyclables and feel good about helping the environment. 

Cut down on processed food

Swap the cookies for veggies. Small changes in your diet can have major health benefits. Try to take small steps toward making healthier choices.

Donate to a cause you care about

If you’ve been thinking about donating, remember any contribution helps! So, choose your favorite organization and donate to a cause that you care about.

Save energy by replacing light bulbs

Being more energy efficient doesn’t have to be hard, try replacing old lightbulbs with energy efficient ones and remember to turn off lights before leaving a room. 

Smile more

Smiling’s contagious; if you notice someone who’s down or seems alone, a friendly smile can completely help to turn that person’s day around. Smile more!    

Read a short book

Reading can be one of the most relaxing activities. Pick up that book you’ve been thinking about reading and start it before 2019 is over.

Listen more in conversations

If you find that you’re that person that nods off in everyday conversation, try reminding yourself to engage more. You may learn a thing or two!

Make your bed daily

Making your bed daily starts your day out with routine and on the right note. Try making a habit of making your bed everyday before you leave the house.

Do something out of your comfort zone

Challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone or something you would least expect yourself to do. You never know, you may find you enjoy trying new things!   

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