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When It’s Time to Intervene

February 26, 2018

Early intervention is the best thing you can do for your loved one. 

At CADS, we’re here to support individuals 24/7 on their road to recovery. Fighting addiction is difficult and as a supporter, we want you to know when it’s time to intervene.

Intervene before addiction. If you’re starting to notice changes in behavior, start the conversation. Addiction can cause people to prioritize using substances ahead of relationships, work, and hobbies. Early intervention can make all the difference in the world.

Intervening doesn’t always mean conducting an intervention. Sometimes, a loved one just needs to know he is cared for and that you can help him get the help he needs. Walking through our online assessment together may be a great way to begin the conversation.

When an intervention is necessary, plan it carefully and involve family and friends. Be specific in discussing examples of behaviors that have impacted others, have a plan in place – like taking him to CADS to talk with us, and explicitly explain what will happen if he refuses treatment.

Expect denial and frustration. As difficult as it may be to hold an intervention, imagine being the one who needs help. It can be hard to hear and internalize everything discussed and even harder to take the next step. Be supportive and understanding. There is no place for pride when your loved one is ready to make a change.

It’s important to be positive and hopeful.

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, “Addiction is a chronic disease, like diabetes or heart disease, meaning there is no cure. But addiction can be managed, and people with addiction can, and do, recover.”

Again, remember that early intervention is the best strategy. Rock bottom is never an easy place to escape. If you’re having trouble getting the conversation started or are not sure how to take the first step, call us at CADS. We’re dedicated to the prevention, education, and treatment of addiction. We want to help you and your loved one.

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